Release Notes

Website Changes and Updates


We are constantly updating the Portal to provide a better user experience. We will use this space to outline what is being updated, how it relates to your day-to-day usage, and other useful information. 


06/25/2024 - Saved Cart Dashboard

The updated Saved Cart Dashboard uses a smarter approach, displaying the list of saved carts with all the of the features that were available previously, and only loading the cart data when it is being used. We have also shifted the data access from the database to library files. 

     ● Greatly improved saved cart dashboard for users with several carts or carts with a large number of items. 

Users should note, if you are moving a large saved cart to the shopping cart, it may still take a bit of time. We will be overhauling the shopping cart and checkout process next to eliminate this bottleneck.


06/09/2024 - Site Search Optimization (Keywords)

We have recently overhauled the systems used for our site search functionality. In the most recent update we included a keyword feature which better utilizes synonyms and simple search terms to help find products faster. We will be continuing to tweak the keywords, and search algorithms to continue to improve on the search results that are being provided.


04/28/2024 - Category Navigation Enhancements

This code release introduces significant enhancements to the user experience of our store, primarily focusing on improving speed, stability, and consistency across various functionalities such as "My Order Guide", the search systems, and our vendor systems.

     ● Catalog data is now delivered to the user's browser upon login, enhancing browsing speed.

     ● Persistent data storage in the browser enables quicker access to the entire catalog throughout the user's visit.

     ● Shifted processing for filtering, navigation, and other functionalities to the user side, reducing server load and improving responsiveness.


03/18/2024 - Search System Enhancements

We are thrilled to announce the release of a groundbreaking module for our customer Portal. This module introduces significant enhancements, making searches lightning-fast and accessible throughout the site, delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

     ● The module shifts the search functions and search result page from being database-driven to utilizing static catalog and navigation files.

     ● Search functionality is fully delivered upon login, always ensuring instant access and speed, without any delays.

     ● Reduced server-dependent processing times.

     ● Seamless integration with the existing categorization and catalog structure.